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Empat Mahasiswa Prodi Hubungan Internasional Mengikuti MSNS Sesparlu Kemenlu RI

  • UAI

Empat orang mahasiswa dan mahasiswi dari Program Studi Hubungan Internasional bernama Nadeefa Purnajaya, Safira Aden, Mirza Ahmad, dan Zulham Zein, berkesempatan mengikuti kegiatan Multi Stage Negotiation and Simulations (MSNS) di Pusdiklat Kementerian Luar Negeri RI pada 20-23 November 2017 lalu. MSNS merupakan salah satu sesi dalam pendidikan Sekolah Staf dan Pimpinan Kementerian Luar Negeri (Sesparlu).

Para mahasiswa yang dikirimkan oleh Prodi HI UAI merupakan buah kerjasama Pusdiklat Kemenlu RI c.q. Sesparlu dengan UAI. Mahasiswa yang mengikuti kegiatan MSNS disimulasikan berperan menjadi anggota delegasi yang dipimpin oleh diplomat sebagai pimpinan delegasinya.

Pengalaman mengikuti MSNS menjadi pengalaman berharga bagi mahasiswa HI yang mengikutinya. Mereka akan bekerja langsung dengan para diplomat, melihat bagaimana dunia kerja diplomat dan diplomasi dalam memperjuangkan kepentingan negara, dan menambah jejaring dengan berbagai diplomat dan peserta lainnya. Beginilah kesan mengikuti MSNS menurut Nadeeda Purnajaya, mahasiswi HI UAI:

“Last Monday to Thursday, from the twentieth to the twenty third of November, we received the privilege to experience what is called The Multi Stage Negotiation Simulation (MSNS) in Pusat Pendidikan dan Pelatihan (Pusdiklat) Kementerian Luar Negeri RI. 

We experienced many challenging situations throughout what seemed like a long four days event. One of the situations was being pushed to use not just simple but diplomatic English. It took us about three days to finally swallow the new language of the simulation. Besides that, we also realized the importance of talking and representing your own country based on where we, as a country, stand in that particular issue. It was like a kick on the back to read more of those old historical books, or listen to your lecture when they talk about the past.

From the three days break from campus, we did not just have fun and enjoy our days off, but rather we had to learn to practice what we have learnt in class. Let alone, coming from an Islamic University, we have to try my best to also project the Islamic values thought. We met other students from other universities who were blessed with amazing knowledge and mouth-opening skills that from this we are motivated to become a better international relations student. To be more specific, to become a better international relations student who holds tight to Islamic teachings”.

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